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Well i was driving home today from school, about a 10 min drive our so on a two lane highway, and there was a decent line of cars that i was folowing, and all of a sudden everyone just slams on there brakes...and i was like shit. Of course my Bimmer brakes worked jsut fine, so no problem there, but then i notice everyone is pullin to the middle of the road, and Im like what the f*ck?
So there was this big ass boulder in the middle of the road, and i barely missed the sucker. I guess it came off the hill side. Sad thing is when i drove back to school later it was still there.
I was thinking about moving it..but it was huge..and traffic. So yea, just wanted to share my "exciting"drive home.

It was a reminder that you always want to keep your eyes on the road, if i wasnt paying attention (ie. Playing with radio) it could have gotten ugly.
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