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I have got 528 sedan 98 BMW, work excellent but when it is below zero I can open the driver door but it wont close as it bumps out when trying. I have to defrost the door using a heater in order to get it to close properly.

The other, a 528 Touring 99, wont open when below zero and I have to crawl from passenger seat over the drive seletor in order to be able to drive the car.

The above is of course very disturbing.

Now, I have to remove the sidepanels of the doors in order to put some teflon based oil into the mechanism to make the doors work.

How do I remove the sidepanels?

I cant find any screws nor bolts.. is it just to push a screwdrive between the door and the panel and pull it off?

I am VERY greatful for info about this!!

Best regards
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