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How do I reset the "OIL SERVICE" warning light on my 2001 Z3 3.0i Roadster (VIN OLJ 40605)?

Did the oil service myself at approx. 79 000 Km. (New oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs.)

Obtained the BMW reset equipment (reset tool No. 62-1-100 and adapter No. 62-1-140) from an indie shop that closed business.

Reset procedure followed (as per instructions):
1.Placed the ignition switch in "On" position. (Engine not operating).
2.Position reset tool No. 62-1-100 and adapter No. 62-1-140 into diagnostic connector.
3.Depressed and held ‘’YELLOW OIL SERVICE BUTTON’’ of reset tool.
4.Green function control lamp illuminated.
5.After approximately 10 seconds, the yellow lamp illuminated for approximately 3 seconds and then turned "Off".
6.Released tool oil service button, then checked instrument panel LEDs.

All green LED's should be "On" and red and yellow LEDs and the OIL SERVICE indicator should be "Off", however, no luck and all remained as prior to service and rest procedure.

Repeated aforementioned twice. Still no luck.

Might the BMW reset equipment be at fault or perhaps incorrect for a Z3?

Need to mention that the following yellow warning lights are also illuminated:
1.Clock symbol (brake fluid renewal due).
2.ABS (anti-lock brake system).
3.ASC (automatic stability control).

Aforementioned were illuminated prior to the oil service, and therefore I believe should not prevent the oil service resetting procedure.

No other instrument panel problems, currently.

Any thoughts, recommendations and/or advice would be highly appreciated. Same with alternative DIY resetting procedures.

Stealer resetting is not an option.

(Sorry for wasting bandwidth, internet connection is a bit iffy, and employer has blocked access to most sites, so cannot do a search ... grrrr)


Chris de Wet
South Africa
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