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I finally decided to install the Wideband O2 sensor to monitor my AFR's. For this purpose I got the AEM 30-4100 kit, which comes with the gauge, wiring and the Bosch sensor. AEM calibrates each sensor individually to provide the most accurate results and this is seen by the laser etched resistor value on the connector plug and the actual resistor sealed inside.

One of my main worries was the positioning of the AEM gauge. I don't like it in front of my instrument cluster nor to the right pillar honda-style. My lower sunglass holder which is mostly used for gauges is already occupied by the climate control unit. Therefore, I decided to use my old Nokia phone mounting hardware, a leather made mount which conveniently matches with the diameter of the AEM gauge.

I run the wires to the outside part of the car through a hole behind the fusebox and then through the ECU box down to the exhaust part. To get feedback from all cylinders I installed an x-pipe right after the connector of the exhaust with the exhaust manifold. That is a couple of inches away from cats. There's enough room to correctly point the O2 sensor 10 degrees above horizontal positioning to prevent condensation contamination.

The kit contents:

Nokia phone mount (needs a good cleaning):

Just enough space to put the gauge!

And the installed gauge:

Almost installed:

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

O2 Wideband Installation

Wiring Section:

Nipple-like vacant tube to run wires inside cabin

Drop steering wheel column cover

Inside of the rubber tube

Cut the tube end a bit smaller than the wiring diameter and run it through:

To power the AEM system, find a vacant fuse from the upper part of the fusebox (Switched mode), put a 10A fuse and connect everything together.

Soon I'll post the actual AFRs to see what is going in (if something is going on anyway)
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