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If your Tan Beige or Gray Console and Cup Holder Trims are currently dirty, peeling and look gross then read on. New replacement parts on the console trims range anywhere from $20 to $90 and tend to just get dirty and start peeling months after you replace them. If you have kids or pets then it could be a matter of days before your new cup holders and console trim get scratched and dirty like before.

The problem is the BMW console trim surface is coated with a rubberized sticky top film that tends to pick up oils, dirt, stains and scratches real easy. the resulting effect is a console that looks like Freddy Krueger's face with rubber peeling off left and right.

A few weeks ago I came across this single post...

yes, hot water and comes off so easy.... I did the hole center console n 45' top
I will post pics today
....and it dawned on me that I should try it.

Here are my results:

I renewed my Euro Tray trim in about 2-3 minutes of scalding hot water soapy scrubbing. After 3 minutes the dirty peeling rubber literally came right off.

For this to work the water MUST be hot as in scalding (not boiling hot, but scalding) so wear heavy rubber yellow dish gloves.

The only supplies used was

-a 99 cent bottle of Dish washing Liquid
-a 50 cent scrubby sponge
-a pair of 50 cent dish washing rubber gloves

This picture here is the finished product with all the ingredients I used to get the trim new again. I didn't spend a penny since everything was already located in my kitchen including the scalding hot water. All free.

During the process you will see how the underside of the dirty rubber top coat will start to show through. NOTE that it will be a lighter, cleaner and newer looking Tan so get ready to either do this to your entire Tan colored console base and armrest trim as well to get an even match.

The finished product will result in trim that looks brand new and silky to the touch as the removal of the dirty rubber top coat will procure a totally new console.

I saved myself about $50 having to replace this Euro Tray trim when a bottle of 99 cent dish soap, free hot water and a 50 cent scrubby sponge did the trick. Like I said my console base and armrest trim was new and recently purchased so the new light Tan of the clean trim matched up perfectly with the new console base.

The ONLY downside is the tan underneath will be newer and lighter looking than it was before so you may end up having to do the entire aged console base and armrest trim bits to get an all around even match.

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