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Interesting topic.

Supersprint is one of the absolute few exhaust manufactures that GUARANTEES improvement in horsepower - and its a fact.

Supersprint has specialized in free flow exhaust systems.

Remus is also adding a slightly improvement in power, but their focus is sound - a deep throath like sound.

Eisenmann is a german exhaust manufacture - they have specialized in making rare/unique systems, like 4 rear pipes, etc.

Simon, a small Swedish manufacture, OEM for some of the german performance houses only makes exhaust systems that adds power, but not in the same range as supersprint.

MK motorsport - they are awesome, heading for the LOUD customers. - It's the closest sound to professional racing you will ever get - banned in several countries world wide.

And then do we have all the styling aftermarket brands, hamann, hartge, ACS, etc - all their exhaust are made by others. Supersprint is the OEM for Hamann and Hartge amough others.

A fact to keep in mind - when purchasing european made parts, such as Supersprint, Simons, Remus, MK motorsport, etc - will you be provided with a 2 year warranty due to EU warranty legislation. (well at least if purchased through a EU based seller)

If I my goal was power would I head for Supersprint - they are truely in their own league. They lead the exhaust market, everybody else is copycatting them.

If my goal was "decent sound" would I go for Remus, thats their focus area, if loud/wild MK motorsport all the way.

If on budget would I pick Simons.
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