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I was getting a whineing almost grinding noise on tight turns at slow speeds. :help For instance when pulling into a parking space. Called the dealer and got this information. I had the service performed and it seems to have worked. Not 100% but close. I think it will go away completely with additional breakin. Here is the information. Notice the 20 turns both ways to work the fluid in. I guess they did this at a mall near the dealer and security came out thinking someone had a little to much to drink. I took out some info to keep it short.

Grinding Noise from Differential During Slow Cornering

This noise is best heard during tight cornering situa60ns for example parallel parking, driving in a tight circle, etc.

When the rear wheel speed differential varies during tight cornering, a slip stick effect is created on the lining and steel discs incorporated in the differential locking clutch causing a grinding noise.

This noise typically goes away as the locking clutch discs in the differential break In.

Break in time varies depending on driving habits, for example more tight cornering (working the locking clutch) = less time for breaking in the locking clutch discs.
If a customer complaint is verified as described above on E46 M3 vehicles, the differential 011 should be replaced with specially formulated differential oil, BMW part number 83 222282583.

:cheers With the vehicle at operating temperature, drive in tight circles (20 circles in each direction) allowing the specjal oil to coat the locking clutch discs. :cheers

The grinding noise will be ehminated when the locking dutch discs are sufficiently coated.
IB Note: Vehicles that have l1ad the differentia.! oil converted to this special oil should continue to have
this oil utilized whenever a service requiring differential oil replacement is indicated.


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