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Hey guys,
I live in Dallas and am having problems with my 1998 328i vert. It's all electric convertable, and needs to be reset. I saw the link on youtube on how to reset it if it is semi automatic and it looks easy enough (once the top is down) I do have the little allen wrench that fits the motor on the top at the windshield and when I use it it does disengage the top. Do I need to use that allen wrench the whole time I am putting down the top (that's alot of twisting, I twisted it about 75 times and the roof went up about 1 inch). It will take forever(hours) to do it that way.

Is there anybody that would help out a cute girl get her top fixed? I really miss not having my top down...hehehe

I would also be intrested in the Bmw meetings too.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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