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DFW Meets

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Doesnt seem like theres a whole lot of traffic through this section of the forums... I just recently bought a 06' 330i and Im just trying to find out if there are any good meets in the DFW area?!?

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We have a few members here from teh DFW (I am in north Dallas), but I haven't heard of any meets recently. Feel like setting one up?
Right on, Im in Arlington but Im always down for a meet & greet if theres a good turn out!

I friend of mine informed me of a "Cars & Coffee" thing put on by a BMW stealership in Plano... Ever heard of it?

Heres a link:

Cars and Coffee™ Dallas

Thought it sounded like a good time... Ill prob go to the Sept. one.

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Hey guys,
I live in Dallas and am having problems with my 1998 328i vert. It's all electric convertable, and needs to be reset. I saw the link on youtube on how to reset it if it is semi automatic and it looks easy enough (once the top is down) I do have the little allen wrench that fits the motor on the top at the windshield and when I use it it does disengage the top. Do I need to use that allen wrench the whole time I am putting down the top (that's alot of twisting, I twisted it about 75 times and the roof went up about 1 inch). It will take forever(hours) to do it that way.

Is there anybody that would help out a cute girl get her top fixed? I really miss not having my top down...hehehe

I would also be intrested in the Bmw meetings too.
hey guys im in arlington

hey guys im in arlington also and i haven't been to a bmw meet...i like to just go cruisin around and meet every now n then..but let me know what you think


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Guys the Lone Star Chapter (in Dallas) host Autocrosses and HPDE all year long. We alos meet many times at cars and coffee and lunch after. Join the group! Shoot me a PM for my email and Ill update you with all the latest stuff.
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