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2.5 Gallon Sumped Tank Devilsown

DevilsOwn 2.5 Gallon tank is the first water-methanol tank with a built in sump and fluid control baffle. This eliminates the pickup being uncovered during sprinted driving. Because of the tanks quality design and it featuring a real sump in it. You can run the tank down to approximately 1 qt of fluid before uncovering the pickup. Made with 1/4" thick HDPE which is same material and construction that is commonly used in manufacturing fuel cells.

Dimensions are 8" x 13.5" x 8.5". So It's best suited for trunk placement.

This tank features a 2 1/4" opening for easy fill up. This tank can be used for any alcohol water mixtures. It's 100% methanol compatible. The design of the tank also allows for proper ventilation for the pumps heat. Vented cap is included. This tank does not come with drain fitting. We recommend our self sealing bulkhead.

  • Features a real sump
  • Internal baffle for fluid control under braking
  • Same material and construction as fuel cells
  • Proper cooling for the pump.
  • Includes brackets and mounting hardware

Why is our tank better than others?

Yes there has been a ton on engineering that went into this tank. I love doing this kinda stuff. Going over quite a few designs to try and come up with the best one. I original wanted to hide the pump in tank for a clean look but heat became an issue. The pump can generated up to 150 degs of heat pretty quickly when enclosed with no airflow. Like a trunk install. Which is where most people will be putting them. This is why i chooses to keep the pump open so it can natural dissipate heat better.

The graph below shows the heat rise of the pumps with 70f air temps. How quick will the pumps get to 150 degs in the trunk of a car during the summer? How hot does your trunk get? Well the plastic tanks are made to start soften up at 150 degs.

About cost yes these like others custom made tanks are not the cheap . It cost a fair amount of investment for mold. All the steel in it all the time it took to weld it fill it grind it. But some of the things i want to point out is the quality of construction. Our tanks are thicker construction than off the shelf 2.5 gallon tanks. There are reasons for making the tank thicker which i will get into latter.

See the weight difference? These are the same size tank.
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