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Hi guys and gals.

I had a recent post as i had starting issues with my car.
I changed the glow plugs,
and checked the fuel lines were pumping fuel through, which they were.
but the car still had starting issues,
so i took it to one garage who gave me it back and told me it was the glow plugs,
having just changed these I highly doubted it. they also told me they chnaged the fuel filter and now it was fine. 2 mins after driving out the garage the car cut out and the same issues i put it in for still occured.

i took it to a second garage who told me they couldnt find anythign wrong with it mechanically but didnt have the correct adapter for the diagnostic so sent me to a third garage who found they couldnt get the diagnostic working as whe they tried to access the dde but it would crash their consol or kick them out so they determined the dde console is actually knackered.

however to get a new dde console i need to order it from BMW and it will cost me £1400 + VAT. being honest the car cost half that so i dont want to pay that to fix it. does anyone have any other recomendations, or idea where i can pick up the dde console cheaper?

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