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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and have been a proud Z3 owner for the last couple of years and REALLY love the car.

I have a 1996 Z3 with the 1.9Liter engine, now for some reason when the temperature outside is above 85 degrees or so, or I've driven the car for a long period of time and the engine compartment is warm/hot my cruise control quits working. I have a good friend that's a master mechanic and has worked on European cars for years, he indicated that it was the brake light switch as that's the ONLY thing he'd ever come accross that caused the cruise to stop working in any Z3. I replaced the switch with no avail.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Also, if you know of an On Line Shop manual site besides All Data (they don't have BMWs) I'd appreciate that also.

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