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APC!? are you crazy!? might as well run with any filter... youd be better off... geez... there is no consequence to oiled filters if you clean and oil them properly... but when it comes to filters there are good bad and horrible... china made vatozone crap like APC, Ractive, 3R Racing, and crap like that is HORRIBLE... K&N filters are in the BAD, but not horrible zone... if you look at real intakes look at AFE, Dinan, etc... I went with AFE on mine... will be installing it next week...

I will say i cant agree or disagree with coolvegas's statement... All my performance and aftermarket background comes from the Truck market... Ive been around for years, and built many vehicles... BMW's are new to me, but engines and performance in general are not...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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