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Hi everyone, I have an 02' 525i and i need to replace the clutch and i am wondering if anyone recommends an F1 stageII or sticking with OE. I understand that switching to a stageII may have some chattering and such. Is that still the case if i change out the flywheel too? I'm sure if can handle the chatter, since i dont race.... Because this is the second clutch, i am wondering if i can go with an OE and have the flywheel turned again for the second time also without it being a problem. I am on a buget and would appreciate any input on ways of having this done without spending the money i would need to have it installed. If I were to need a new Dual Mass flywheel... does anyone know where to purchase an inexspensive one, maybe a good used one? I have already looked all over the web and everything is $480.00 and up!

Thanks, for taking the time, to be helpful:

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