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Hi all,

Fresh newbie here, with a question...

I've got a 1996 318is. Recently, it started developing a problem in the climate control system. The climate control panel is switching off an on intermittently. When it comes on, it's still got my settings from the last time it switched on, so it's not losing state information. When it turns off or on, it takes the heat with it, so it's been a chilly ride to work!

Sometimes, when it cuts out, the green light for "AUTO" on the left (the air-distribution selection side) will stay on, as will the rear-window defrost light on the right, if I've had it on, while the temperature settings part cuts out.

I think, but can't be sure, that it's behaving worse in colder weather. It seems like once the car's been run a bit that it wants to stay on a bit better. It's also possible something is just loose, and it's a bump in the road that's jiggling something. When the problem first started, a vigorous tap to the climate panel (naturally accompanied by a Fonzie "eeey") would do the trick, but that's no longer working.

I'm speculating that there's a fault in the electronics somewhere, but I don't know enough about where to find what, and what to do when I get there. I don't know if something is merely loose, or if it's time to start replacing parts.

Any help, or a pointer in the right direction, would be much appreciated.

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