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Hello all. I've posted here before but I forgot all my info so I had to create a new account. Anyways, I have a 95 325I Black 4dr Sedan that is my project car. I live in Spokane, Wa where it's cold as heck here lately. I had the car in the garage for a couple of days. I went to drive it yesterday and the car turned on, I let it warm up for a minute (probably should have given it more), started to backup got into the road and boom, it died. I had power to everything but the car would not start. It would turn over but no rumble of the engine. My first throught was the fuel line is frozed or something like that. I put some starting fluid in and still nothing. I checked oil and of course gas which I have plenty of. Car still won't start.

Something I should note, however. About two weeks ago, my altanator went out. I had it replaced and car worked great up until now.

Also one more thing I noticed that had me concerned, when I had the hose off of the intake that goes into the engine, I noticed oil all around the hose and when it connects. Is this normal?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me...

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