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installed her today. works great. but i still have a little bit of a light dimming at very high levels. all good though . it will help prevent that i dont have another alternator failure (hopefully)..
my cap is 1Ferhiet good size for my system.
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sounds great man....maybe woobiee should invest in a cap...he has a pretty bumpin system....
ill post a wicked FAQ on charging systems in a little while . i got it from a magazine which is extremely informative.
the basic just of the article is that the best way to upgrade is to get a bigger alternator or use caps.
I need a capacitor pretty bad. The Alpine and the Blaupunkt draw an extra 740W. My lights dim at higher volume way too much. Im thinking about just adding some more stuff instead and say I have one of those kits that make the lights flash with the bass.
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