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can i convert an angle grinder to a buffer?

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i got an angle grinder on sale today it is a 4.5 inch one not a big there any way i can turn it into a buffer using 5" bonnets? btw it spins a 10 000 rpm
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i dont see y not..just find the right wheel for it..and if ther is a guard..thats optinal to keep or take off...its easier off IMO
MY buddy works at a detail shop and told me that you can use an angle grinder as a buffer but he does not recommend it because of the speed (RPM). if you were to press too hard or if the grinder get off on you then it can do some nasty damage to your paint.
i got ya'll know where i can get a good buffer for under $50 or what kind of buffer?
the ones that are really cheap are orbital buffers, and unless you know what your doing, you can do some paint damage...for anyone thinking about a buffer, consider the Cyclo, the #1 foolproof paint buffer...
we just had a new one delivered at our valeting bay, its a twin headed 240 volt unit...... it cost about £230 i think.... ill let you know if its any good and what make when i get to use it on my ride... :)
The dual head ones tend to be better (like cyclo) as they are a little more idiot proof (less likely to damage your paint)
Cyclo Pwnz all of j00z it operates @ 1800 RPM or something like that so it's idiot proof (unless you're using sand as a rubbing compound)


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