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OK I have terrible acceleration its gotten so bad that when I am in 3rd around 2rpms and floor it the needle does not even move and the car basically stays at the same speed.

The story, so it was bogging down a little, in the lower rpms and so I figured to do a little maintenance on it. So I changed the spark plugs, then the oil with oil filter, then belts, then added seafoam. She ran AMAZING. Then on the test drive with her a piece in the igniton broke. So it sat for a week and a half waiting for the part. Eventually got everything put back together and the car is bogging down worse then ever. I will shift into first or second then around 1 rpms when the cluch is fully release it just bogs down, like its not getting any fuel. I then ran the codes and got P0340 and P1519 ( camshaft positon etc). But then I had to go to work and on the way to work it seemed to run fine not as fast as right after I did the maintenance but a lot better. so the problem is intermittent. Although the check engine light stays on.

So to my understanding I have to replace my Camshaft position sensor. But I also understand it could be do to the vanos timing. I know there is a way to check the vanos circuit, by applying 12v and seeing if the piece pops out.

My question is, would there be a way to test the camshaft position sensor to see if it really is the sensor or just the vanos timing?
(because honestly I would prefer not to have to take all the engine parts off to get to the vanos timing thing, if its just the sensor.)

any suggestions or advice?
any and all help is appreciated!
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