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Bunch of ?s

Just so you know i have looked through the whole forum, i only noticed older version of BMWs and the sizes mentioned seemed different from the ones in my 2001. I could be wrong, because i'm going on estimation.

I was wondering if anyone knew the exact sizes of all 12 (I only see 10) speakers in the 325ci 2001? And also the possible JL Audio replacements for them?

Also was wondering if anyone can get maybe a link to a sie or knows the actual specs on the speakers and the amp already in the car.

Another thing was i was wondering if the amp is located in the trunk for the 325ci 2001 also.

Also i have the gps system with 5 disc cd changer. I was wondering if anyone knew the stats on the head unit? can more inputs be installed into it? Also where can i find the GPS thingy?

And last i was planning on running the main control from a computer to a touch screen in the fron. I was wondering if it's possible to be able to control a cd changer from a computer and if any1 has information about this.

Phew!! i know i have a lot more ?s will return when i have them! thanx!

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