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So I am considering buying this set of:

4 rotors
i think full set of ceramic pads
2 brake sensors

from ebay,

BMW E46 325xi 2001 - 2005



* Dynamometer tested using SAEJ2430 requirements for safe and fade resistant braking
* Flame scorching of the pad surface to improve green (Pre-Burnish) pad bite
* Ceramic pads are 100% non-ferrous so there is no steel & iron in the pad that cause annoying brake squeal
* Low dust formulation
* All pads come with a constrained layer steel shim with two active rubber layers to silence brake noise
* Positive mold hot pressing to eliminate soft spots inside the pad
* Powerstop is a leading supplier of performance brake parts since 1997


* Castings are made using SAEJ431 metallurgy from ISO9000 registered foundries
* Large drill holes reduce stress risers
* Holes are engineered for optimum cooling to prevent rotor warping
* Zinc-dichromate plating resists rust for years and provides much better protection than painted rotors
* Precision machined using state of the art CNC machine for perfect fit and balance
* Custom chamfered holes to prevent rotor cracking


But looking at what rotor discs are on mine now, the rear ones seem slightly smaller than the front ones....

Will this cause a problem???? Looking at the picture they all look the same size..

Does the brake component adjust or move farther back?

I can get pix if this sounds odd...

MY VIN # is WBAAV33411EE22723


Chassis number EE23723
Vehicle code AS33
Series E46
Model 325xi
Body type saloon
Catalog model USA
Production date 2000 / 04
Engine M54
Transmission Unknown
Steering Left
Catalyzer YES

This car is a 2001 right??

I plan on doing this myself, Are there any special tools or anything absoluetly necessary to complete the job? i am planning on buying a Lisle Tools
Disc Brake Pad Spreader
2001 BMW 325XI

This is correct right???
thank you!!

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Low Dust Brake Pads

Found a coupon for a website called (brakesale-0930-2010) and they only sell Lomandi Brake Pads. I was curious if anyone has used them before? Are they actually low dust? I’ve been cleaning my wheels everyday with my raybestos’s and they’ve been quite loud as well. Disappointing considering what I paid for them...Anyone use lomandi brake pads before?
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