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Hi guys,
Just bought my E34 BMW 1992 525i and I get " Low Brake Fluid" error when I start the car, and when I accelerate.

I downloaded the manual and it says, either the sensors have not been replaced with the last pads replacement (which was last month) or that I have a low fluid or I need to bleed the brakes or something.

I thought I can begin by filling the brake fluid, now any DOT 4 fluid will do like the one at the near gas station, or should I use original bmw brake fluid?

I'm also getting "Brake Lining" when starting the car with two orange dots in the middle and green on the left line and red on the right one, I don't know if this is relevant.


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Any DOT 4 will be fine, fluid low warning is activated from the main resivoir, the brake linning warning is from the brake sensors you either have two or four...if you have two they will be on the left hand side looking from the rear one front/back.If you remove the wheel you will see them located in the inside brake pad....
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