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Sorry everyone. I know I was persistant about getting a BMW station wagon (E39 Touring). But I couldn't find one and I needed a car badly. Needed to get rid of my old Honda.

But I just couldn't find the "perfect" 540iT. Either too high mileage or not good value. :shifty The 6 cylinder wagons in the E39's are way too weak. Im not taking anything less than 200 HP. Really would have liked a 99-00 BMW 540iT but too pricey for now...

I got a 2004 Audi A6 Avant with the 3.0L V6. 220 HP and 221 lb. of torque.
Its got 126K miles and I just did a full timing belt service with the water pump, thermostat+ housing, and the valve cover gasket. Just for $7200. Its even got Xenon's, rear heated seats and XM radio.

But If anyone can find me a E39 BMW 540i Touring that has less than $8-9K and less than 100K, im sold. I seriously can't find one.

Thanks again.
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