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Bosal exhaust

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Bosal Exhaust....

Has any one ever heard of these????? What are your impressions???
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why would you want one... i remember you always being cocky with your rogue exhaust, but no i havnt heard one. Try Stromung exhausts though. Their site only shows impreza exhausts but they make sweet bmw ones
I had a rogue exhaust on my M3 and will problably order another one this week....

I am just curious because my friend ordered one this week for like 250$ so if it is good I would consider it because Rogue is like 650.
bosal are known quite well over here in the UK, they are mainly known for replacement parts........
there ok, they aint down there in the bargin basment buys, but thier not top of the range, if you went to an exhaust, tyre (tire) and battery centre (center) :lol: they would probably fit a Bosal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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