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ok i have a 1997 328i. i want to mod it up piece by piece. where should i start? i don't care about exterior mods. I want to be a sleeper. I'm talking about engine mods and suspension and just about anything that will make me gain HP. Can anyone help? I'm kind of on a budget so a list from lowest to highest will help. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanx for reading (oh and what brands should i go with? which ones are the best?)

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Here is a start.....

Cold Air Intake, AFE, free shipping! Go with the non-oiled Pro-dry S filter

1997 BMW 3-Series AFE Intake Systems, AFE Intakes, AFE Cold Air Intake Stage 2, Stage 1

Cat back Free Flow Muffler, Supersprint definitely best price!

BMW E36 325/328 Supersprint Exhaust - Muffler

Conforti Shark Injector Software:

Turner Motorsport - Item# INJ3-M20 - Conforti Shark Injector for 1996-1999 323/328/M3 - E36

M50 Intake Manifold Swap:

Manifold Swap Project E36 M3: Part 2 | Eurotuner Magazine Article at

BMW E36 OBD-1 M50 Manifold Swap - RM European Auto Parts

Suspension H&R springs Bilstein Struts & Shocks.....

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