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Hi guys, just joined the forum, my love of my life for 5 yrs now is the Bmw M3 E46, im young and now able to get a black bmw 318 ci e46, an still be ok with insurance cost.

I would like to ask, what do you guys think or recomend, this is the body kit i was planning to buy

Full Body Kit - BMW 3 series E46 Coupe & Cabrio on eBay (end time 29-May-10 09:12:34 BST)

and these are the alloys
Inovit DTM Black With Polished Lip - 19" Inc. Tyres :: MAD MOTORS - YOUR ONE-STOP MODIFYING SHOP

im open for ideas, if anyone has any better choices, please let me know guys.

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The body kit is still OK in my eyes, and the alloys having a polished lip saves it from looking bad on the car. as long as there is something to break up the contrast between tire and wheel i don't mind, it's the all black wheels that i personally do not care for.
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