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hello everyone,

I am trying to find a supplier for a complete exhaust system for my 95- 525i.

I intent to put a twin screw supercharger on it and want a proper exhaust system. I am interested is a custom header, a section to eliminate the catalytic converter, and the remaining system back of cat.

I am in the Fiji islands so my research on the net is my info system. I have come across a few suppliers but can not for the life of me remember them. I know i should have come to this site first but believe me some people are far from current availabe IT knowledge like me. I mostly end up frustrated and wish i had taken the time to learn.

I would like to get the most out of my 525 and it is worth it, the car is like new with 40,000 miles on it.

thanks for your help
ps i also have a 95- 530 & a 520i
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