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BMW's lineup of X-badged crossovers and SUVs may soon include one more model, as company execs are reported to be considering building the X4. As AutoCar confirms, BMW won't deny plans for an X4, which now seems all the more likely after seeing the more conservative direction BMW has taken with the second-generation X3.

The X4 isn't as much of a long-shot as it once was either, due to the success of the X6. Initially BMW planned to sell just 20,000 X6 models globally, but since it's launch in late 2008, a total of 80,000 units have been produced – and that number could rise to 100,000 by the end of the year.

As for the vehicle itself, it would likely be based on the X3 platform, making it less expensive to produce. And as for an engine, it could be offered with a high-performance 350-hp version of the company's turbocharged inline-six – similar to what is expected in the BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

After discussions with BMW execs, the folks at AutoCar got the distinct impression that they were looking for feedback on the idea, from journalists and consumers. So share your opinion after the jump. Should BMW build the X4 and would you buy it?

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