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Can you have too much of a good thing? We sat here wondering that when this rendering of a BMW X3 M popped up, thinking perhaps that BMW is diluting the prestige that comes with the M-moniker by attaching it to every vehicle they possibly can. While the X3 M is still under consideration and nothing is set in stone, the folks at BimmerBoost are more ambitious and have rendered up what BMW could possibly release in the near future.

In all honesty, an X3 M makes a ton more sense than an X5 M or even an X6 M. The M3 is easily the most popular of all the M-vehicles and a transition over to BMW's lightest and most nimble SUV could be natural. Just packing a more potent powerplant than what's already offered in the N55 X35i would already be a winner; but combine that with the naturally more aggressive styling that all M-vehicles have to offer and we think BMW might have a winner.

There's no arguing that many feel if they're stuck with an SUV, they might as well have fun driving it. The X3 M could enter in a market segment at a competitive price, offering what very few other manufacturers even have the potential to.

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