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BMW Power Mirrors

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I recently had a customer come in with a 1996 BMW 328IS and a pair of aftermarket turn signal mirrors. I hooked up the turn signal and light no problem but then when i went to wire the power mirrors it doesnt seen like its compatible. If anyone out there has installed mirrors or knows about them hit me up i can get more into detail with wire colors and such. Post here or E-mail me at [email protected]
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This may not be the help you are looking for but here is my 2c, the shop I use (Hattech car styling in Kitzingen, Germany ) (SHAMELESS PLUG) does a lot of M3 type mirrors both with and without the blinkers and it depends on the company that makes the mirror. I know that some will work as a direct plug and play so to speak and others are more complicated but ALL lose some features. The two they mostly sell are Hagus (non blinker) this is the more costly one and everything works except the heating feature the other model which I can't remeber who makes it sorry, has the blinker and as I remeber we had to get the wiring diagram from the dealer and then re-work some of the wiring to get it to work.

Are we talking about the Hagus retrolux mirrors (the newest version with buildin indicators) or ???

The Hagus sets that we carry does including the wiring diagram.
The Mirrors are actually from a company called KDC they have the blue side light and their LED lit. There was no diagram included unless it was lost by the customer. On the mirror plug is a red wire a white wire and a black wire, there is another harness but thats for the lights and is working just fine. I can tell you exactly what wire combinations do what (i.e. red + white - would give you up) I also figured out what wires do what on the bmw door but to me it seems like their not compatible. Any Ideas??

Sounds like a difficult task.

In "normal" cases would you have to connect the matching colours from the mirror to the car - and in newer BMW's are we talking about 4 wires, Red, green, gray and black for operating the mirror.

I think that your white should have been the green wiring, so I would try red-red, white-green, black-black.

Or try call the manufacture of the mirrors - they will know for sure how to connect.
hook up 2 run off cables to a car battery or 12v source. Then touch each wire in pairs and see which wires are positive and negative pairs. The motor will move when you find the right combination.
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