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BMW will take full advantage of investments in its MINI sub-brand, developing additional models based on those products that will be branded and sold as BMWs. According to a report by Automobile Magazine, the list includes a BMW version of the MINI Clubman and Countryman, as well as both a BMW and a MINI van. (Yes, the MINIvan).

It’s believed the new models will all be based on the upcoming front-drive/AWD platform that will first debut in the next-generation MINI Cooper. When the second-gen Clubman arrives it will be followed by the BMW Joy – an internal name given to what will essentially be the 1 Series Gran Turismo. After, a BMW 1 Series crossover will be based on the second-generation Countryman platform. And finally, there’s the MINI Traveler; a small van or MPV. A BMW version of this car will also be built to take on cars like the Mercedes B-Class ad next-generation Audi A2.

The first of these models are expected to start appearing around 2013.

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