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With BMW set to launch its revolutionary Megacity electric mini car in the next few years, there's now word that the new sub-brand could include more models – like an electric sports car. In an interview with AutoCar, BMW's sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson admitted to as much, commenting that the Megacity brand won't be limited to, "just one format."

At last year's Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW unveiled its Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, a plug-in hybrid diesel. This model is intended to show BMW's focus on emerging green technologies as well as its emphasis on light weight – something the Megacity will also do with its carbon fiber construction.

When the first Megacity car does launch (in 2013) it will wear a BMW badge, but the German automaker is still finalizing the vehicles name and is looking to expand the Megacity lineup with a new environmentally-focused brand-within-a-brand, similar to BMW's current performance-oriented M sub-brand.

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