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BMW has just released the first teaser sketches of its Megacity electric vehicle, which it claims will be the first mass-produced car to use complete carbon fiber construction. That’s right, not only will the body panels be made of the light-weight carbon fiber weave, but so will the entire structure. Up until now, the only vehicles that use such a light-weight and expensive chassis are the McLaren MP4-12C, the Lexus LFA and the Aston Martin One-77.

The use of carbon fiber will allow BMW engineers to keep weight to a minimum, which is important as electric batteries tend to be very heavy. The current setup BMW is working with includes an electric motor with just over 100 kilowatts (roughly 134-hp). Top speed for the car will be limited to 93 mph. As an urban commuter, BMW is looking to design the car with maximum range, rather than speed.

Interestingly, BMW is planning to use an aggressive regenerative braking system, similar to the one found in the MINI E. As a result, the car will slow significantly when the operator lets off the accelerator, allowing the Megacity to be driven mostly with just the gas pedal.

BMW is preparing to launch its innovative new electric car in 2013.

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