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Hey folks, this is my first post here so please forgive me if it's in the wrong place! Mods, if possible, please could you put this in the correct place if neccessary?

I'm letting everyone know that there is a BMW meet going on at Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, UK.

The details are as follows....

Cheddar Gorge, Southwest meet 10-03-07 12.30pm Garden center

The time above is for meeting at THE GARDEN CENTRE AS PER THE MAP

Ok here's the Map!

Also, For those with SatNav, the postcode for CHEDDAR GORGE is BS273QE. Note though that this is NOT for the garden centre.

Some of you in the UK may have seen the last meet in the Total BMW mag last year (may or june issue) with over 55 cars attending... We'd like to make it a few more this year, so please get your names down.

I'm organising it at the moment through, but please start a list here of people who are interested in coming.

It's currently at around 14 cars on E36coupe, but the more the merrier. ANY BMW is welcome, as well as other cars also! feel free to email me with questions, [email protected]. just let me know what it's about, and i'll help you out if i can...

Hope to see some of you there!:) :)
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