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BMW M3 Logo: Weld or Double Sided Tape?

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Hey, I just purchased a used 97 BMW M3 without the logo on the back, but I purchased the OEM ///M3 logo straight from BMW. It didn't come with the instructions on how to apply it to your car, so I came here to see if you know what I should do. Is it placed with double sided tape? What kind of double sided tape do they use? Or do they weld it on? Please help!
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there should be 2 little holes in the trunk for you to put the roundel on...and the back of the emblem should have 2 little things for you to stick into the holes...thats the best way i can explain
just as fruity had said. the 2 prongs behind the emblem should just snap into the grommets. you may need to apply some pressure to get them in. the grommets will hold them in place so no tape is needed.
I know that the BMW Roundel logo has the grommits, but the actual M and 3 don't. Same with my 328IS badge, its glued/welded/taped on. I'm not sure tho. Thanks anyways.
its glued because when you remove them (debadging) you gotta heat it up with a blow dryer then break the seal with some floss, just use some double sided STRONG tape...or maybe find out what kind of ahesive they use....
oh, i thought you were asking about the roundel emblem.
use a glue gun and hot glue and see how that works.
wait there should be adhesive on the m emblems
Originally posted by Fruityone@Apr 24 2003, 02:56 AM
wait there should be adhesive on the m emblems
just the badges..the roundels have those little pegs lik everyoen else said
listen to what speedster said.

M3-Teknitian, here is the correct positioning:

i had to rebadge my emblem after a re-spray. i used this black double-sided tape. peel off one side, stick it to the back of the emblem, then with an exacto knife cut just inside the lip contours of the emblem (you will notice on the back side of the emblem there is a little lip, cut the tape to fit just inside of that, you will see what i mean). i had to put two layers of the double tape because it was a little to flat. it has been 7 months and it is still stuck like a mother.

with masking tape, make guide lines according to the diagram above. then peel off the remaining side of the double sided tape and install.
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