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German automotive publication Sport Auto has finally gotten their hands on a new BMW M3 GTS, taking it to the Nürburgring to see how it stacks up as a serious sports car. For those not familiar with Sport Auto, they take almost every car to the Ring, where former race car driver turned magazine editor Horst von Saurma runs it through its paces.

And the lap time achieved by von Saurma is an incredible 7:48. For those keeping track, that's a huge 17 seconds faster than the standard BMW M3. Most certainly a few seconds of the 17 are made up thanks to the GTS's cup tires.

What's possibly more shocking, however, is that if you look back to the previous generation E46 M3 CSL, that car managed a 7:50 time – which until now made it the fastest production BMW. And as rare and pricey as the CSL was, it's nowhere near the $170,000 asking price for the M3 GTS.

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