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The head of BMW's high-performance M division, Dr. Kay Segler, has confirmed what we had already assumed to be fact: that the next M5 will be powered by a turbocharged V8 engine. And much as the world speculated correctly about a turbocharged V8, we don't exactly have to go out on a limb to guess that it will be a version of the twin-turbocharged, twin-scroll unit currently offered in the X5 M and X6 M. This is particularly exciting as we've heard reports of an X6 M lapping the track at the Monticello Motor Club with the same times as the current V10-powered M5. So just imagine how much faster a new M5 would be with that engine, minus the added weight and with a lower center of gravity.

Output on this new version of the S63 engine is also expected to rise, increasing close to the 600-hp range.

In an interview with German magazine AutoBild, Segler focused on the fact that the M5 will continue the philosophy of "Two Cars in One," delivering a vehicle that is perfect for every day driving, while at the same time offering exceptional performance at the push of a button.

The next-generation BMW M5 is expected to debut at the Geneva Auto Show next winter.

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