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I was driving in the rain with my 740iL and in the front of the car the BMW "sticker," is peeling off...does anyone know where I can get a new one and will the dealership fix it if I go there???
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sticker?wha sticker u mean the emblem on the hood?. u can get some kind of glue and put it back on
somethin lik this u mean?


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if its ur emblem on the hood there shouldnt be a sticker. my original emblems were replaced because they were painted and the paint was chipping off.

just go to the dealer and buy a new roundel, theyre pretty cheap. less than $5 i think. and theyre real easy to install. if the dealer says anything about grommets dont worry about it, i didnt use them and my roundels are in there real snug.
ya i didnt think bmw put stickers on the hood
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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