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Well here's something that has definitely grabbed our attention. Steve Marsh, also known as BMW Steve, was a huge BMW and general automotive fanatic. Recently he passed away in his sleep. His family paid the biggest tribute to his passion by finding the only way to immortalize him; importing in a custom BMW E93 M3 convertible tombstone from China. The tombstone weighs in at a ton and costs close to the price of a real M3 drop-top.

It took 20 people to properly lay the tombstone in Manor Park cemetery, where 50 mourners joined in. But clearly Steve and his friends also had a sense of humor, when a fake parking ticket was placed under the windshield of his new tombstone. Naturally there are those that are complaining at the spectacle, wondering what others will do next. But hey, maybe it's not such a bad idea. Cemeteries are known to be eerie and creepy, why not lighten it up a bit?

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