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Hi all !!! Replacement of BMW e60 550i Catalytic Converters together with Exhaust Manifolds, looks a big job but is quite simple it took me only 2 days alone, I did all the job without a rush.The reason, I have decided to do it, because mine catalysts were destroyed due to oil burning issue and incorrect installation of the valvetronic motors, without calibration a repair shop mechanic overheated my BMW 550 e60 catalytic converters and my tail pipes started to shoot catalyst pieces.. through the tail pipe. Relax I didn’t hurt anyone before I removed them 😂😂! Really the smell of gasoline was quite strong….. you can not even park the car in your garage normally without suffocating.So in the end I decided to do the job. I recorded my job on video, you can check it below and, if you have any question feel free to ask 😉.
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