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I found another working fuel pump and took it from another car by myself to make sure that the pump will be in time position. If you find a pump which is already removed from a car, you have to send it for test and timing, there are specialised car repair shops with special test bench machine and they can time the pump for you! But if you want to remove it from another working car, you have to setup the engine to be on time, that means when you install the crank pin, check the intake cam through the Oil filler cap where the cam (cyl 1) points as shown in the video!
Once the engine is on time - you can then secure the fuel pump in that position, you have to slack the bolt and remove the spacer plate, then tight again that bolt- it is shown in the video 06:00 | That special tool I used it is working also for M47TU common rail engines!
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