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If you feel the car leans to one side, don’t doubt yourself, it’s possible, the car is indeed not balanced.

Here I need to introduce a new concept -- EHC.

The task of the self-leveling suspension(EHC) is to bring the vehicle ride height at the rear axle back to the target level if the load changes. The height sensors provide ECU with information on the heights of the left-hand and right hand sides of the vehicle. If the heights are outside the specified tolerances, the system intervenes using the air supply unit to set the nominal ride-level height.

After replacing the sensors or when you feel car is leaning, we need to do readjust EHC.


If the car is M/T, need to step on and release clutch pedal.

Car stay still.

Must use EPB

For M/T, set it at N

For A/T, set it at P

It’s a E66 chassis in my case, and the tool name is in the comment.


Choose the correct model: BMW-7 series - 7`_E65/E66/E68 - chassis - EHC - Live data

Only choose 4 options to read live data: battery voltage(RR), battery voltage(LR), Deviation(RR), Deviation(LR). So that we could confirm that if the leaning is there and which side.

Go back to choose Service Functions - EHC - Adjust EHC, and then input tire size. (Tire size found on the tire, e.g. 185/65/R14, 14 is what we input)

Measure and input the height of both rear tire(from the button of tire to the button of wheel arch.

When it says adjust succeed, the car still need some time to change the height while driving, it would not change to the preset height immediately.
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