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BMW will not be allowed to market electric cars like the ActiveE concept in Europe as emissions free, after a ruling by the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA). The news comes despite the fact that operating the fully-electric ActiveE produces no emissions.

According to EASA the ActiveE is not a zero emissions vehicle as is requires electricity to run. And as BMW can't guarantee that the electricity generated for the car's motor was produced without creating C02.

In that context, the ruling is easily seen as not only absurd, but as a road-block against promoting green technology. BMW has yet to comment on the matter, but is likely to carefully market electric vehicles in the future as not "directly" producing emissions.

While just a concept, the ruling on the ActiveE may have huge repercussions for BMW (as well as all other European automakers), as it prepares the launch of the electric MagaCity vehicle.

More: BMW Banned from Calling Electric Vehicles "CO2 Free" in Europe on
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