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BMW/Audi/VW meet

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BTW I got my front windows tinted the other day to match the rears!


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Hey cam, what rims are those? btw looking good man... Did ya clear those corners yourself or did you buy new ones?

those clears came on the car, I just need to buy some for the rear now.

the wheels are 18" BBS RKII' don't do them justice, they are so hot looking.

BTW, there was about 6-7 other bimmers that showed up but I didn't get an pics of us together.
thats what i thought... but i diidnt know for sure. Im gonna get some clear corners someday (unless anyone knows how to do them?)

How much were the rims?
your car looks like its in very good condition. are they rims 2-piece?
yup two piece rims, i like em alot.

nice, i want ur rims... GIVE~
whats ur tint?
your car looks great Cam! B) i think a nice touch would be to put some roundels on the center of the wheels, but then again BBS isnt a name u want to cover up. cant wait to see ur car with the euro tails. :)
Originally posted by e30_325_s52@Apr 20 2003, 06:35 AM
whats ur tint?
5% aka Limo
Sweet ride Cameron!! B) B)
wow the outside of your car is really sweet............tasteful and cool lookin.

hopefully one day i will have a car that looks that cool :) the rims are nice. Your sig doesn't do your car justice
no pictures do any car justice IMHO. but I am telling you these wheels look so hot in person, I already have a few of the locals that want to get my same wheels.

Thanks for all the props people!!!
Nice clear pics (unlike my camera)

I wouln't be able to drive outta my driveway with tint that dark here in MA.

Yea, Those rims are tight!
great looking car
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