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BMW's oddball 5-Series GT hatchback/station wagon/SUV thing is not off to a great start in the United States, and BMW executives are blaming the decision to market only the top-of-the-line rear-drive V8 car upon launch as the culprit behind sluggish sales.

"The V-8 was probably not the right car to launch it with," said Rich Brekus, BMW's general manager of sales for North America, told Autoweek. An all-wheel drive model will launch in June, while a six-cylinder variant is slated to arrive in the fall. The 5-Series GT is still beating the outgoing 5-Series wagon's sales numbers, but another executive admitted that BMW was too optimistic about the vehicle's sales projections.

Autoguide is slated to get a 550GT press vehicle in the near future, and a review should address whether or not the vehicle is worthy of our money. But it's hard to deny that the 5-Series GT might be a little too much of a niche vehicle, even for those with lots of disposable income.

More: BMW 5-Series GT Selling Slowly, Lack Of 6-Cylinder Blamed on

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I've seen a couple around here they're Nice lookin cars :)

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Wouldn't that be awesome? If the reporter had said, "Oh, so you're going with the no six-cylinder explanation? Really? So the fact that it is f*#@ing ugly had nothing to do with it?"
I disliked the idea, sight, mention, concept...

To simplify it, I just absolutely despise everything about this..."thing" and I'm calling it a "thing" because it's not a sedan, wagon, SUV, but a combo of all the three. It had to have been approved during Okoberfest because no one sober could ever agree to building this..."thing".
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