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The stereo amp blew on my car, as well as the passenger side mirror does not tilt down 80% of the time. I got the windows tinted and prior to having the work done everything worked great. When I got in the car after the work was completed the mute icon was on on the stereo display and I was unable to un-mute the speaker. I also tried to change from FM to AM to CD but the display kept flashing and going back to the FM setting.

My only thought is the tint shop hooked a battery charger up to the car and it spiked and caused the problems that I now have. The tint shop claimed that they turned the radio off as they leave the key in the ignition so they can roll the windows up and down as they work.

Has anyone else had this problem or a better explanation?


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The mirror will probably end up being the switch. I tinted cars for years, and they use a lot of soapy water to keep the film free to float on the glass until they have it where they want. Once its there they squeegee all that water out and it has to go somewhere. Most of the time it goes in the door and evaporates over time. I would take apart the switch, get some contact cleaner (its safe for electronics), spray it in there, let it sit for a couple days and try again. The residue from the soap may be making the contacts intermittent. Hope that helps...

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