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I believe I have two separate problems here, so my main question really is if anyone knows if the two could somehow be linked.

First off some brief history since I'm a 'n00b':

I got my 325e in August 2009 for $2250 (now has 137,000 mi).

I've done some decent work on it already over the past year with the extensive ones being:

- In winter, replaced control arms/ball joints, sway bar links, and sway bar brackets.
- In early spring, alternator.
- Last weekend, starter (insane job, about 10-12 hrs). :mad

Back to the blower/ac...

I noticed the AC didn't blow cold not long after I bought it last August. So, I figured at some point I would need to check out the AC. Then not long after I noticed the AC wasn't blowing cold air, the vent was only working when the vent dial was turned to "4". This is because of a faulty or dirty blower resistor. question is: When I replace the resistor, is it possible my AC will blow cold air again??

I assume not, but when I have the ignition set to '1' so that the battery is turned on and I push the AC button, it lights up blue and I can hear the receiver dryer and fan turn on. I may need to recharge r12...........? :conf



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the real problem here is that

you have a crapped out 30 year old A/C unit in a BMW that really wasn't worth shit to begin with...that's the will never be able to fix this to your satisfaction..believe of luck
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