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Hey Guys,

I know, I know - look through the forum first and I did...

I was going to ditch my 04' 545i for an M5 but the wifey is not supporting my plan...

So, I think I am going to keep the 04' 545i and tuned the f%&k out of it.

After saying all that I really need some 545i gurus on the site to help me out. What mods do I NEED to do to boost the power and torque in my car. Also, what exhaust system (please include part #'s) do I need to get (switching to quad layout, FYI) to have the best sound, deep, loud (classy loud) and sporty? And lastly I will need a new rear valance to support the quad pipes, which one do you recommend?

Thanks a million guys...I know these types of posts are pain in the butt, but I really just need some guys that know there stuff to lay it out for me as if I was 2!


Jayme D
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