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I don't know how this bottle made it into my garage, I have never used this stuff. The Mrs. maybe?

Label reads powerful citrus acid cleanser. It smells nice.
What the heck, I've been looking at these bugs since my trip to FL a month ago.

Started in a low painted area, then the headlights. Those bugs were really smashed into the paint, mirrors, lights and grill on my Acadia.
Washing alone wouldn't get rid of them. I left this stuff on a few seconds to soften the really caked on bugs.

Conclusion : Removes the bugs. Leaves a nice shine.
Looked as if it was clayed then glazed.
I just may use it on my Bimmer to remove any impurities prior to glaze and wax. Alternative to clay since I hand wash 2 > 5 times a week.

Really cheap on their website, four 13oz bottles= 5 bucks.
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