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Long story short, He refused to give insurance info, I called the cops.
It turns out this guy works for the shop that he recommend I take it to!?!

I have a dent over the grill, paint is cracked, and the bumper is scuffed where
his econoline bumper hit.
I've never had to handle something like this before.

They offered to repair and re-spray my hood.
3 days . 1 day to repair, another to paint, another to buff & polish.
The dent only covers the corner of the grill , about the size of a golf ball.
3 days sounds like alot to me.

My concerns:
1- color matching
2- gloss / shine not matching the rest of the vehicle
3- they hold my car for ransom ( hey this is NY)
4- I go through my guys and bill him? (I'm afraid he'll re-neg on his offer)

What do you guys think?

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I personally would NOT let the guy that hit me do the work. Especially if I didn't already know anything about them. I would go to some other body shops and get estimates. Tell him he can pay for it to be fixed or go through your insurance. Maybe sue him? Unless you are comfortable with them doing the work I wouldn't let them touch the car.

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Here's the outcome.

Turns out this guy had insurance coverage after all.
Insurance adjuster wrote up an estimate for around $1900.
And they cut the check today.
Nothing is cheap on a Bimmer!

I was a bit nervous that no insurance = me having to foot the bill.
Though times are tough, I wouldn't want to be seen with a dented nose.
She's in the shop already!
Thanks Guys!
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